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Stoudt's Brewery Profile, 2000
Just as we try to seek out those interesting and unusual wines to show to our customers and inquiring clientele, we will now attempt to find the best beer that the world has to offer. Using field trips and intensive tasting sessions we are going to root out the hoppiest, most intense, and most appealing beer to be found.

For this month's featured brewery, we looked around in our own backyard and almost tripped over the Stoudt's Brewery. Located in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, about an hour and a half as the Dodge drives. This honest microbrewery has, in its thirteen years of operation, garnered dozens of awards for its German-styled beers and lagers. They don't merely content themselves with Germanic Brewing though. A full flavored line of English and Belgian inspired beers awaits those willing to explore.

Their Fest Beer is delicious rich and malty, brewed w/ five roasted barley malts and is medium to aggressively hopped w/ the finest German & American hops. Scarlet Lady Ale is an English Style extra special bitter. This reddish-copper color ale has an upfront bitter taste with a smooth sweet finish. Stoudt's Gold Lager is a Munich-style beer like its German counterpart.

The best aspect of Carol Stoudt's commitment to good beer is the reasonable price that she sells it for. At $5.99 a six-pack the quality is unbeatable whether you are looking for the crisp clean flavors of their American Pale Ale, the full rich character of their Blonde Double Mai-bock or the world class complexity of their Belgian Abbey Ales. We feel this beer is worth every penny.

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